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How bat are you?

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“Batman has always assumed that the city made him what he is… But tonight he wonders…
Did Gotham City create him? Or did he create it?”*

Like its spirit, Batman wonders/wanders through the city’s clasters. He is a metaphor for every citizen who is longing to reconstitute the self in the face of the fragmented, fast-paced urban environment where he or she plays different roles, wears various masks every day. In this chaotic kaleidoscope we lack control and hope for rescue from without, we are in sore need of a super-hero or to be a hero, perhaps.

Sometimes we can be a true self only when we are disguised. But do we really need to wear Batman’s cape to be an intrinsic part of the City, its extension?

*Gale, B. and Grayson, D. K. Batman: No Man’s Land, Volume 1. DC Comics: NY, 1999 (pp. 112-113).